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Security Guards

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Security Patrols

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Alarm Monitoring

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Access Control

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Traffic Control

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IT Security

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Our Strengths

Helping Us to Achieve our Ambition

  • Concentration

    Given the size of our firm, we are going to devote our best effort to give our customer a full attention security service. We are also able to tailor comprehensive security solution specifically to customer’s conditions and requirements.

  • Professional

    We have been corporate with large security firms for years, where we inherit the essence of the service provision method which would make the clients effortless to adapt to.

  • Attentiveness

    Mondiaux Security is proud of focusing on people and tries to resolve security issues from its root. Mondiaux is also known of multicultural and friendly employment environment. These make us more compatible and adaptive to communities which consist of different culture and belief. Hence, we are able to be resilient and agile in dealing with more specific and emotional dispute between the people from different backgrounds who lives in or travel to the community, and this is always the need of a healthy community.

  • Agility

    Mondiaux operates as a smaller, less bureaucratic organization. We are more than able to respond to the real-time issue effectively than other larger firms. Besides, this will allow us to offer rates significantly lower than our competitors without compromising quality and service which we are committed to providing realistic and competitive estimates for all customer requests to ensure that clients receive ‘no surprises’.

About Us

Established in 2009, Mondiaux Security is a Canberra based company that delivers security services with quality, responsibility, and passion. Our service ranges from front-line security, concierge services, and site management to training. Our security experts have experience in coping with all kinds of emergency and security issues and can fully cater to the requirements of different business and industry. We pride ourselves in our quick response to various situations and achieving goals with the limited budget.

We have established the partnership with both Federal and State Government bodies more than four years. Our dedicated team has earned the privilege to be the primary and secondary service provider for ACT government department and ACT private sector organizations. We are also a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), one of the top worldwide bodies in the security industry. Our insurance covers $20 million of public liability insurance (QBE work cover).

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